U Can’t Finish
“U Can’t Finish” was an Unreal mod for a game-engines’ class at U.C.F.I was the project leader for the class and was in charge of 60+ students and 6 teams. I held weekly meetings with team leaders, attended all individual team meetings. I co-wrote the story and created the textures for the game. It was an educational and rewarding experience.You can download the mod here BUT it was packaged with shareware that has expired. Just set the date on your computer prior to 2002 and it should install, after the install simply reset the date.For the story click here

More detail on the levels click here

For images of some models click here

For images of some scenes click here

DVD’s @ Your Door
DVD’s @ Your Door was a fully functional E-commerce’s website we did for E-commerce II. It involved a small group of two other people. I was in charge of the sites design, the ERD and did my shared of the back end in VB.NET. I do not have the functional website becuase it was lost on the server but I do have the ERD here and what the site did look like here.
The City of Ember
Flash game
The City of Ember Flash game was a project for Digital Media Production II at UCF. I was the Project leader. I was responsible for all of the coding/ functionality/ and integration of the game into flash. Also as the Project leader I had to asset team member skills and assign them tasks to complete by dead lines I set. I would call for team meetings and provide updates of the development of the game to the teacher.The game goes hand in hand with the book; in order to advance in the game, you need to read the book.You can try the game out here